“Everybody's searching for a hero. People need someone to look up to” George Benson –“Greatest Love of All”

With your help OHTV will at last allow anyone in the community to nominate their own Hero and let us hear their story of how they have contributed to Black and Asian history in the UK since 1950. Some will be famous pioneers in Science, Politics, Education etc... And others will be local heroes, that have helped set up the first supplementary education school or helped hundreds of people play sport , enjoy music. And as importantly, some will be a personal thank you for the sacrifices and support they made to make your life better in your home, place of work, place of worship, place of sport and leisure etc....

Here you can upload your own Story, Video, Photos, Documents and tell us more about your real life hero. Simply position your mouse over the image of your choice to find out more about that Hero. To search for a Hero put their first and/or last name in the Search box. Take a look at our Digital Toolkit for guidance on how to use the Heroes Section.


OHTV would like to acknowledge the research assistance of Wikipedia and its team of Volunteers for their invaluable help in compiling the biographies of our heroes.